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5 Unexpected Ways To Have an Awesome Summer

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 Here we finally are again.  SUMMER!!  For youths, and teens:  Endless days of boredom that you spent all the months of the year looking forward to.  For parents:  A much needed break from homework, strict bedtimes, after school activities and the constant juggling of it all. So how do you make this summer different?   In today’s world with the assistance of our technology you can literally spend your entire summer planning your summer.  There are countless apps, websites, blog pages, pinterest ideas, etc. to “assist” us in being great parents and to provide our kids with a...

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What is on Your Bucket List this Summer?

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So as a Licensed responsible insurance agent, mother and wife, I completely understand how skydiving is likely on the top 10 list of things TO NOT DO if you ever expect to collect on life insurance, or even get your health insurance to cover if you happen to survive.  So than, suffice it to say that deciding to go and skydive to help fulfill my 79-year-old Aunt’s “Bucket List” is probably viewed as irresponsible, selfish, and probably even just plain risky. (Even I thought that as I was signing my life away knowing if something happens, my family would have no recourse.)...

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