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Icicles and rooftop snow can be dangerous this time of year.  With yet, another impending snow/ice storm coming to central Indiana in the next 24 hours this will inevitably lead to more build up of ice, snow, and the formation of icicles.

Icicles form from the heat emanating from homes, cause snow or ice to melt and then re-freeze into icicles hanging from gutters below them.  Here are some safety tips and prevention ideas for icicles.

Icicle Safety Tips:

  • You should not stand under areas with icicles above. The weight of icicles can cause gutters, awnings, and ornamental features to collapse and fall from the building.
  •  It is recommended to have large icicles removed by a contractor who will have the proper equipment to deal with the conditions.
  • Never climb onto a snow or ice-covered roof.
  • Never place a ladder directly against a gutter covered with ice or icicles.  The pressure of the ladder against the gutter may cause the ice or icicles to dislodge, falling on the person or property below.
  • Educate kids about the dangers of icicles and the beautiful look to them can be quite a temptation.

caution falling ice

To prevent future formation of ice, the following steps may be taken:
• Safely remove as much snow from the roof surface as possible. Once
again, this should be performed while standing securely on the ground
away from the gutter line of the structure.
• Properly install attic insulation to prevent heat from escaping through the
roof allowing the snow to melt during below freezing temperatures.
• Have heating cables professionally installed along the gutter and eave
portion of the roof to prevent the formation of ice, ice dams and icicles.

Soon winter will give way to spring and all of it’s beauty.  But for now, be sure to always look up while walking under a building, and look down on the sidwalk to be sure there is not a sheet of ice across it.

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