Homeowners Insurance

Home 2For most of us, our home is one of the biggest purchase we will make.  Home is where we spend most of our time outside of jobs.  Incidently, it is also where most accidents also happen. At Simple Choice we want to work with you to understand and protect what you have worked so hard to achieve.


Owning a home is still the American Dream.  We want to help you protect it. Just like you, we are proud homeowners in Hendricks County Indiana. We just like you make memories, entertain, raise our children and take comfort in the rest we can enjoy at home.  It is rest like no other.

We want to work with you to understand your exposures and work to properly and effectively protect your assets.  Being independent we have many possibilities available to insure you properly based on your unique situation.  Our agency shops multiple carriers quickly and effeciently to determine the best overall option.  Understanding your personal home insurance is more important than ever.

At a minimum our agency looks for a carrier that provides the following:

  • Coverage for your home, outbuildings, garages, sheds, barns or any other structure.
  • Coverage for personal property. That is your “stuff”.  Many policies have limitations on certain types of losses.  Included in that can be items such as theft loss to jewelry and gems, furs, gold, silverware, pewter, guns and more.  There is also limited coverage for things like cash.  Many speciality items should be specifically endorsed for proper coverage.  Including things like stamps, fine arts, or antiques.  Electronics are high ticket items and should be thoroughly reviewed to ensure proper coverage.
  • Personal property kept or located off property.
  • Additional living expense. This includes the cost of temporary housing, food and other things, when you’re forced from your home by a covered cause of loss.
  • Liability coverage.  This protection is in case you accidentally injure someone or damage his or her property.
  • Defense costs,  include court costs and attorney fees in the event they are necessary.
  • Medical payments for minor injuries to people other than residents of the household.

Other Coverages and endorsements that may be necessary for your siutation include:

  • Umbrella Coverage – Additional liability protection over all of your owned items, including your home, your autos, boats, motorcycles and Rv’s
  • Flood or Earthquake protection
  • Animal Liability
  • Home based business coverage, and more

We don’t want you to consider your home insurance as a “have to” because we are borrowing to purchase a home.  We want to provide security, peace of mind and safeguard what you value most.  We take pride in guiding you through the process to make sure you are obtaining the right coverage.  Contact our office to discuss your coverage or let us help you get started on protecting what is important.  Get a Quote Now!