Can You Name the top 5 Oscar® Nominated movies about…..INSURANCE?

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I Bet you Can’t without looking?  That beautiful gold statuette celebrating his 88th year this weekend!  The world loves movies, and Oscar.   But movies about…..Insurance??

Insurance movies do not generally top most people’s list when it comes to exciting movie premises. Yet there are many films with insurance themes that were box office hits—and some even won an Academy Award®.


Here are five Oscar®-nominated movies about insurance:

1. Lloyds of London (1936): This loosely historical film follows the rise of the London insurer famous for insuring Tina Turner’s legs and Bruce Springsteen’s voice. The film was one of 20th Century Fox’s first hits, and it received two Oscar nominations.

2. Double Indemnity (1944): This classic film noir features a femme fatal who convinces an insurance agent to murder her husband as part of a life insurance scam. The film didn’t win any of the seven Oscars for which it was nominated, but film critics routinely rank it among the best American films of all time.

3. The Apartment (1960): Jack Lemmon is just another working stiff at a large New York insurance company. To get ahead, he lets execs conduct their extramarital trysts at his apartment. Things change when his favorite elevator girl (played by Shirley MacLaine) enters the picture. The Apartment won four Oscars, including Best Picture.

4. The Thomas Crown Affair (1968): This movie features Steve McQueen as a slick fine art thief and Fay Dunaway as the insurance investigator going after him. But can justice be served when sparks fly? The film won one Academy Award; the film was remade in 1999.

5. The Incredibles (2004): The animated blockbuster’s action starts when the protagonist loses his job at Insuricare and reinvents himself as a superhero. The Incredibles won two Academy Awards.

Can you name other movies cademy about insurance that did not receive Oscar® and Academy Award® nominations?   Tell us about your favorite insurance movie.

These flicks are entertaining, and you just might learn a thing or two about insurance. Just remember that your best resource when it comes to understanding coverage is always a local Erie Insurance Agent in your community.

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