Tired of Hearing about Health Insurance? Did you know it is all over March 31st, 2014?

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exhaustedWe are all exhausted of the over publicized, over media-ized, over everything ized, about Healthcare Reform and what it means to us.

We are simply tired of hearing about the Affordable Care Act, all of its troubles, the stress it has placed on so many, the people who have lost jobs, or hours, or pay because of it. Who’s for it?  Who’s against it, and why?  It is a line drawn in the sand type of issue.

I get it.  Believe me.  I get it. Here is the deal though; For this moment,  It is the law;  and, for now,  that is not going to change.  With that, you have two choices. Get it or Don’t.  The don’t comes with a penalty, if you are a tax filing citizen. The Do’s….you will have health insurance (maybe for the first time in a long time), and be compliant with the law.

So, what do you do? What choice do you make?  If you have drawn a line in the sand, it is easy.  If not,  it can be overwhelmingly difficult for most to even figure out where to start.  And then what do I pick?  What is an H. S. A.?  Do I need that? Why is the deductible so high? What is a Subsidy?  Do I Qualify?  Do I pay someone?  What happens if I get a different job? Or move? or make more mony?  These are all questions you can find the answers to, but do you really want to take that time?  Do you really have that time?

Here is the single biggest misconception or misunderstanding currently about

the enrollment for Healthcare:

March 31


If you choose to go that route, I totally understand.  But please do your friends and family a favor and make sure they understand that simple fact too.  Many are still covered by their employer, and  you don’t need health insurance, you have escaped needing to know all about it.   However, there are still PLENTY of people that are affected.    Make sure your adult children understand what they need to do.  What about your friends that work at small companies that don’t provide insurance?    What about your self-employed neighbor? Does he/she know? What about the friend you have that refuses to watch any media about anything?   Make sure people are making the CONSCIOUS decision to not get Health Insurance, not the UNCONSCIOUS decision.

Here are some simple facts:

  • Enrollment ends March 31st, 2014 (less than two weeks away).
  •  You do not need to pay someone to get enrolled for Health Insurance.  Any GOOD licensed health agent will help you do it and not charge you.
  •  The government provides navigators to assist if you do not want to talk with an agent.  (Caution, these people are not licensed, they are trained to have knowledge on how to enroll, not what may be best for your personal situation).
  • 80% of most people will qualify for some assistance to help pay for the policy.

One of the biggest things that rings true with many people I have talked with is the following:

  “Well, I looked at it and the lowest deductible was $5,000.00 and that just does not make sense, so I am not going to enroll”.

Health InsuranceIs Health Insurance different from what it used to be?  YES!  Are deductibles higher than they used to be? YES!  But if you do not understand, or talk with those that do, you will not understand, there are ways to leverage your money with things like Health Savings Accounts (HSA) designed to help offset those big deductible plans.  In essence, you are controlling how the money is being spent. Certain financial institutions like First Financial Insurance are offering HSA accounts at no charge.  These accounts provide tremendous tax saving opportunities and the ability to manage your health care not just for today, but for the long-term.  Don’t let the fear of not understanding these options keep you from doing what is best for you.

Line in the sandIf you are the person who has drawn a line in the sand and said “I’m not going to be told I have to do it”.  I understand.  I respect your decision to do so and stand up for what you believe in.  If you are part of the rest, do yourself a favor and find someone to help educate you and make an informed decision.  But don’t wait much longer to do it!

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