What is on Your Bucket List this Summer?

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So as a Licensed responsible insurance agent, mother and wife, I completely understand how skydiving is likely on the top 10 list of things TO NOT DO if you ever expect to collect on life insurance, or even get your health insurance to cover if you happen to survive.  So than, suffice it to say that deciding to go and skydive to help fulfill my 79-year-old Aunt’s “Bucket List” is probably viewed as irresponsible, selfish, and probably even just plain risky. (Even I thought that as I was signing my life away knowing if something happens, my family would have no recourse.) But, as you can probably guess by reading, I chose to do it anyway!      It really was Amazing!!  We both had so much fun.  Skydiving


Getting Ready to Go Up

Now I get that some of you are just plain not good with heights, and no judgement for that.  I  know some have fear of airplanes in general, and that’s okay too.  This really isn’t about skydiving, but it is about YOUR “Bucket List”.  We all have them, probably most of us have even seen the movie.  But the thing about it is, you don’t have to be dying to make a bucket list.  As a matter of fact, if you intentionally choose to work on your bucket list before then, you have a much great opportunity to be successful.

Here is what I learned about that weekend.  We went, we jumped and it really was awesome, both she and I would do it again tomorrow.  But during my flight from Indy to Tampa and back,  I continued to think about how all of us become victims of our own lives, many times just putting so much of it on hold until we have a “cause” to do otherwise.  The plain and simple fact is, we all should live every day with a bucket list in mind.  Yours may not be skydiving, and it certainly doesn’t need to be. (From an insurance agent’s perspective you shouldn’t do it 🙂 ) but it should be something!

With all of the technology we have today, it is very easy Bucket Listto look, search, schedule, prepare and execute on how to make a bucket list.  You can google ideas, journal, save it to your phone, write it on a list on your wall, or put it in your Ipad.  Our entire lives can be scheduled for us now if we wanted.  The first step, (which is always the hardest) is to commit to doing it.  Just write the list however you want and with whatever means you prefer.   No matter how crazy it seems, do it anyway.  Then, set down a plan to start working on them, one at a time.  Don’t over think it!  Just figure out how to do it.  Not everything has to be big like skydiving.  The small stuff counts too.  The point is to do something.  I think you will be absolutely amazed at how you feel when you do something you set out to do with no other cause than because you wanted to do it.  Furthermore, you have no idea the lives you may impact by your actions and the example you set.

So, what is on your Bucket List to do?  When are you waiting to do it?  And why not now?

Let us know if you complete a “Bucket List” item this summer.  We LOVE to hear from you. Good Luck!

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