Why Insurance Market Value is less than Replacement Cost of Home

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One of the most common questions our office receives is:  “Why does the insurance company say the market value of my home is much higher than it is actually worth?”    First, the questions is worded improperly.  Not intentionally, but the problem is that the “market value” of your home has zero to do with the “Dwelling A” (or reconstruction cost) coverage listed on your declaration page.  Or what most of us believe to be the “value” of our home. So then how does it really work?   My home is...

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When Can I Remove my Teen from my Auto Insurance Policy?

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One of the most frequent questions we receive at the agency is about teen drivers. Youthful drivers (or teen drivers more commonly known) are drivers that are between the ages of 16-25.  This risk pool of drivers is one of the highest risk factors for insurance carriers. And quite frankly, a stressful financial impact to most families.   Many times when a family looks to add a teen driver to the policy it more than doubles the cost of the policy.  With that, many parents want to immediately look to having the child obtain their own policy....

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6 Practical Tips to Celebrate National Craft Month

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March is National Craft Month and was created by the Craft and Hobby Association in 1994.  The purpose is to help people learn about crafting and finding inspiration. (And it gives suppliers a reason to run special deals and conventions). With the introduction of the Internet, Pinterest, Tumbler, Digital Photography, YouTube and many other media outlets the possibilities for learning about crafting projects is endless.  Because of the endless opportunity, the process for many can be quite overwhelming.  I don’t know about you but...

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9 ways to use February 29th to “Leap” into Changing your Life

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You learned it in school, but most of us forget why we have a leap year, and why it is significant. The Gregorian calendar, which now serves as the standard calendar for civil use throughout the world, has both common years and leap years.  This calendar closely follows the Julian calendar, which was introduced by Julius Caesar in 45 B.C. This calendar has common year which has 365 days and a leap year 366 days, with the extra day designated as February 29. A leap year occurs every four years to help synchronize the calendar year with the...

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5 Unexpected Ways To Have an Awesome Summer

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 Here we finally are again.  SUMMER!!  For youths, and teens:  Endless days of boredom that you spent all the months of the year looking forward to.  For parents:  A much needed break from homework, strict bedtimes, after school activities and the constant juggling of it all. So how do you make this summer different?   In today’s world with the assistance of our technology you can literally spend your entire summer planning your summer.  There are countless apps, websites, blog pages, pinterest ideas, etc. to “assist” us in...

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What is on Your Bucket List this Summer?

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So as a Licensed responsible insurance agent, mother and wife, I completely understand how skydiving is likely on the top 10 list of things TO NOT DO if you ever expect to collect on life insurance, or even get your health insurance to cover if you happen to survive.  So than, suffice it to say that deciding to go and skydive to help fulfill my 79-year-old Aunt’s “Bucket List” is probably viewed as irresponsible, selfish, and probably even just plain risky. (Even I thought that as I was signing my life away knowing if...

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Prom Season Safety 2015

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Prom Season is one of the most exciting things of spring for most high school juniors and seniors.  It represents a change of season, nearing the end of the school year and for many, prom is a high school event that is to be a lifelong memory.  Prom can be filled with laughter, dancing, fun, and a time for celebration.  However, not managed respoinsibly, it can also be a dangerous time where teens make poor judgements, risky or careless decisions, and incur unintentional consequences of careless decisions. These choices can turn Prom from an...

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Icicles and rooftop snow can be dangerous this time of year.  With yet, another impending snow/ice storm coming to central Indiana in the next 24 hours this will inevitably lead to more build up of ice, snow, and the formation of icicles. Icicles form from the heat emanating from homes, cause snow or ice to melt and then re-freeze into icicles hanging from gutters below them.  Here are some safety tips and prevention ideas for icicles. Icicle Safety Tips: You should not stand under areas with icicles above. The weight of icicles can cause...

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Summer. YES, please. FINALLY!

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After what seemed like the longest winter in history, Summer is almost finally here! (The unofficial start is Memorial Day Weekend).  In just a matter of a few days the kids will be out of school, the days of homework, and baths and bedtimes will finally get a break.   Soon our days and weekends will be filled with swimming, and bbq cookouts,  boating, amusement parks and hopefully a few weekend get-away’s and some great memories.  In my family we always look for short affordable vacations that can be driven in a day or so and be done...

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8 Reasons Why Spring + Cleaning + Home Inventory = Happy, Refreshing & Responsible

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Things are finally starting to look a bit like Spring.  This time of year is typically for many of us in the Midwest, a time of rebirth, and renewal. Things are beginning to green up, the snow blades are being replaced by mowers and we begin to emerge from our caves that we have spent countless days cooped up since the change of seasons.  Finally the fresh air and greenery outdoors make us want to pretti-fy our indoor spaces, too. It just makes us feel better.  And “Spring Cleaning” was created for just that reason. This is the...

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